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Dusk Ombre Floral Meditation Bundle


This bundle includes 1  x  luxe copper foiled meditation card (of your choice) and 1 x lovingly handmade Dusk floral bundle (about 6-7 inches long) . Both designed to bring calm to your day and create a beautiful self care ritual. 


The floral bundle helps to connect us back to nature and the meditation card to connect back with ourselves.


Meditation card


There are 4 meditation cards to choose from.


If you select the 'You Make Me Feel' card - you have an option for me to handwrite your words on the card. If you'd like this, please add the words you'd like in the text field box.


Each meditation card helps set an intention for your quiet reflection time:


The Wild Woman card - an invitation to connect with nature, your body and your creativity


The Stillness card - an invitation to get still and present with your surroundings, thoughts and emotions


The Inner Fire card - an invitation to listen to your intuition, to ask questions and notice how your body responds


The You Make Me Feel card - an invitation to make and celebrate the meaningful connections in our life 


Floral bundle

I handmake the floral bundles using seasonal, sustainable and locally sourced flowers and herbs, which means that every bundle is unique. Each ingredient has a special meaning: 


Cedar - purifies & brings positive energy to your space
Rose - attracts love and connection 
Lavender - promotes happiness, healing and tranquillity

Hyacinth - attracts abundance and peacefulness

Orange - energizes your space and inspires creativity


This bundle is about 6-7 inches in length.


Smell it

to take your mind to a peaceful place

Treasure it

and add it to a beautiful space where you can sit and reflect

Smudge it

Smudging is an ancient practice where people burn special herbs and flowers, using the smoke to cleanse the space of negative energy

To smudge carefully:

  • Get a fireproof dish, or some like to use an abalone shell

  • Open a window or door to give the smoke somewhere to escape

  • Clear the space of anything that could be flammable

  • Light the top of the floral bundle with a match or candle

  • Let it burn for 10 seconds and if there is still a flame blow on it until there is only smoke

  • Move slowly around your space clockwise moving the smoke lightly around each corner using your hands or a feather

  • When you've made a full circle put the lit bundle out by pressing it lightly into your fireproof dish

  • Close the window and door once the smoke is no longer visible


✩ Post smudge your space will be ready for your uniqueness ✩

DISCLAIMER: Please keep the floral bundle away from small children and pets - if eaten, some of the flowers can be poisonous. Please smudge carefully and be mindful of the fire risks.






Dusk Floral Meditation Bundle

VAT Included

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